WordPress plugin giveaway! (Barn2, WP Fusion, Iconic, LifterLMS, Popup Maker, Gravity Perks, Gravity PDF, JetSloth, GFChart)

Announcing The Really BIG Giveaway

Announcing The Really BIG Giveaway

What makes the WordPress ecosystem so exciting to work in is that it’s just that: an ecosystem full of wonderful innovative people making fantastic things.

So we’ve teamed up with a whole host of WordPress and Gravity Forms developers, not for an awesome music video this time, but to give away nearly $4,000 in licenses that will transform your website.

The Really BIG Giveaway includes:

  • Barn2 Premium WordPress Bundle ($129 value)
  • Iconic Essentials Bundle ($199 value)
  • LifterLMS Universe Bundle ($299 value)
  • Popup Maker Start Bundle ($87 value)
  • Gravity Perks Basic ($49 value)
  • Gravity PDF All Access Pass ($280 value)
  • JetSloth Sloth Bundle ($258 value)
  • GFChart ALL ($199 value)
  • WP Fusion Personal licenses ($247 value)
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2019 Giving Season Sale

Our year’s biggest sale is live through Cyber Monday (December 2, 2019)

The whole site—including Lifetime Licenses!—is 25% off. Each day we are featuring a flash sale on a different essential Gravity Forms add-on!

Check out the Giving Season sale page

Giving Season fundraiser

In addition to the sale, we’re giving away money to charities: $5 of each purchase will be donated to charities. $1 will be donated to each of the following causes:

  1. 👩🏽‍💻 Teach code to women and minorities
  2. 🌲 Plant a tree
  3. 🌳 Save the rainforest
  4. 🐶 Help rescue animals
  5. 🏠 Build homes for people with low income

You can help plant trees 🌲

You can help us plant over 2,000 trees for free! Enter the fundraiser below and start earning points toward planting trees 👇

“Floaty” Monday

Use coupon code FLOATYMONDAY for 25% off – one day only!

Tuesday is normally his favorite day of the week, but this was a special request by Floaty, and we make exceptions.

Floaty didn’t want to offend his Cyborg friends by using the term “Cyber”. So he asked that we use “Floaty Monday” instead. Use coupon code FLOATYMONDAY on the checkout page for 25% your order!

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