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Gravity Forms Trusts GravityView

And so do thousands of customers since 2014

Gravity Forms Approves of GravityView

Gravity Forms Certified Developer badge

I’m Zack Katz, the main developer of GravityView. I have been writing Gravity Forms addons since 2010, and am one of the first developers to specialize in creating plugins that extend Gravity Forms. GravityView has been my only job since 2014. We are a team of five people working every day to improve the plugin and help customers like you get the most value from it. The GravityView team and I are here for you.

The Gravity Forms team have been fans since we launched GravityView in 2014.

We are deeply involved in the Gravity Forms community, and we are also contributors to Gravity Forms code. When users ask Gravity Forms what plugin to use when they want to display entries on their website, they refer them to GravityView. Not because we pay them to, but because GravityView is the best solution out there. Carl Hancock is a co-founder of Rocketgenius, the creators of Gravity Forms. He says:

Carl Hancock, Mr. RocketgeniusGravity Forms makes collecting data easy and GravityView makes displaying that data a breeze. GravityView is the perfect compliment to Gravity Forms and a powerful tool to have in your WordPress arsenal. Carl Hancock, Gravity Forms

David Smith is a developer for Gravity Forms, and also runs GravityWiz. What does he have to say about GravityView?

David Smith, Mr. WizGravityView is a powerhouse Gravity Forms plugin. It doesn’t just let you display entry data, it lets you build Gravity Forms-powered applications. David Smith of GravityWiz and Gravity Forms


Zack Katz, cookie and cat lover

GravityView is here to stay. Gravity Forms trusts the GravityView team and our plugins; I hope you will too. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. Thanks, Zack Katz GravityView