Collect information from Gravity Forms; Configure content layout using GravityView; Display the information on your site.

Edit Gravity Forms entries from the front of the site

Edit entries on the front-end of your site, inside the original Gravity Forms form. GravityView allows users to edit their own entries, too!

Approve & reject entries

You can choose to approve entries before they show on your site. This is great for paid submissions. If you have a public form and want to review entries before they are visible in your View, you can moderate them. If you want to allow all entries, that works, too.

DataTables Integration

GravityView has deeply integrated with DataTables, the best script for working for tabular data. Browse, filter, and sort entries with live updates. Included with Interstellar or Galactic license levels.

Great for paid or membership directories

It’s simple to use GravityView to display paid entries. Just set your prices, create a View, and you've got a paid listings site! Perfect for business listings, job boards, and more.

Easy to Use & Customize

GravityView comes with built-in presets to display a variety of data. Use the drag & drop configuration to get it just right.

Search & Sort

You can filter the visible entries so that only the entries you want shown get displayed.

Multi-language Support

GravityView is available in English and 9 other languages: Turkish, Bengali, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Don't see your language? Contribute a translation!

Preset Templates

Getting started is easy - pick a template you like, and it's ready!

Website Showcase Staff Profiles Resume Board People Profiles Job Board Issue Tracker Event Listings Business Listings Business Data

You won't need to create a Gravity Forms form. GravityView does that for you.

GravityView comes with a variety of View Presets. You simply select a preset, customize it if you want, and the Gravity Forms View is ready.


You can also create your View based on existing forms, in which case you can use three default template styles: List, Table, and DataTables.

“Houston, we love GravityView!”

GravityView makes it exceptionally easy to show entries from GravityForms on your website. This is the solution that I wished had existed many moons ago.

Andrew Munro, Affiliate WP

Holy crap man - this is phenomenal. Not going to lie, my jaw dropped to the floor when first playing with it. The UI is awesome.

Pippin Williamson, Pippins Plugins

I started working with the GravityView plugin a few months ago. In that time, I have been able to build a map based website that, short of spending a small fortune on coding, would not have been possible. For a web developer, the combination of Gravity Forms & GravityView is very empowering. And the support I have received from the GravityView team is quite simply outstanding. Thanks guys! To use the modern vernacular - you rock!

Having installed and used GravityView for the first time just a couple of days ago, I can assure you it’s as easy to use as they say it is. Just a simple user interface that does exactly what it says on the box, and it does it well. You can get to grips with it very quickly and get the most out of it for your site without having to obtain any coding skills beforehand. The great reviews I found for it have been spot on.

GravityView makes it a lot easier for me to use Gravity Forms on my WordPress site, and between the two tools I've been able to make website functions that make my co-workers jaws drop without needing to write a line of code. The support has been responsive, patient, and effective. Thank you Katz Web Services for making me (and my websites) look great!

Susan Low, CAPP

GravityView is the missing puzzle piece I have been searching for to accomplish many ideas I have had for my clients’ websites. Instead of hiring a programmer or seeking out other complicated (and more expensive) plugins, all it takes is Gravity Forms + GravityView + a bit of imagination, and I’ve got a powerful solution that makes me look like a genius! Thanks Zack and the GV team!

Joel Rendall, Joel Rendall Web Design