Display Form Content on Your WordPress Website

GravityView makes it so easy to display your form results!

Collect information from Gravity Forms; Configure content layout using GravityView; Display the information on your site.
GravityView makes it incredibly easy to display Gravity Forms form entries on your site. You simply select your existing form (or select preset) in GravityView, customize how you want it to appear using drag & drop, and you’re set! Once you have data collected from your form, GravityView will display it on your site!

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Editing Form Submissions Just Got Easier

Edit Entry on Front EndGravityView allows you to edit content right from the website—without touching a line of code.

Give users the ability to edit their own entries. No more updating values yourself every time someone wants to make a change.

Approve Submissions Before They Show up on Your Site

Approve Gravity Forms entries from GravityViewDon’t want entries showing up on listings without your approval? Only show information once it’s been screened and moderated with the Approve Entry feature.

Highlight the Latest and Most Popular Entries

Featuring Entries with GravityVIewTake control of what entries are being displayed, and where, to make sure the most popular entries are always visible.

Keep your visitors up to date by showing the latest entries i.e. a list of Upcoming Events.


Add Ratings & Reviews to the Entries

Add ratings to your ViewsLet users give feedback on what’s awesome (or not so awesome)! Add Ratings and Reviews to make your View more interactive. Included with Interstellar and Galactic licenses.

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Don’t Waste Time Searching for Entries

Refined Search Options

Search barConfigure the search fields shown to users, so it’s easy for them to find the entries they’re looking for. Plus, users can:

  • Search by name
  • Search by date ranges
  • Search by who created the entry
  • Search “match any” or “match all”

There are many search field types to choose from, including “Search All Fields” and Links, which create easy links that filter results for each search option.

Sort It Out

Sort GravityView Table by Columns You can allow users to sort tables themselves, or you can pre-configure how your entries are sorted.

Filter the Results

You can filter what entries are shown. Some filters available are:

  • Start and End Date
  • Time, down to the minute
  • Whether an entry is approved or not approved

Customize and Personalize the Experience

Custom Dynamic Content

Custom contentCreate unique, dynamic content to deliver a more engaging and personalized message. You can only show content if the entry matches defined conditions. That way users see content that is relevant to them.

Add Images and Videos to Your Views

Gallery of ImagesShowcase multiple images in a gallery and add the ability to quickly zoom in on any photo. Add videos and audio to your Views as well!

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Import Entries into Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Import Entries

  • Import thousands of entries from a CSV file
  • Easily migrate Gravity Forms entries
  • Supports almost all Gravity Forms field types

The Import Entries plugin is included with Galactic licenses, or available to buy separately.

Integrations & Support

DataTables integration

DataTables is the best script for working for tabular data. Live-search your Gravity Forms entries. GravityView has deeply integrated with DataTables.

Multilingual Support

GravityView is available in English and 12 other languages: Turkish, Bengali, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, Bosnian, Iranian, Canadian French, and Romanian. Don’t see your language? It’s 100% ready to translate.

Try GravityView with confidence Great support, awesome plugin, and 100% money-back guarantee!