Maps Premium View

Display Gravity Forms entries using Google Maps

Display entries in a Map View, where entries are displayed as “pins” on a map, like on Also, add map widgets and fields to all GravityView layouts.

Display Gravity Forms entries on a map. Configure it to your heart’s content. Included in Galactic licenses.

An great Gravity Forms Google Maps integration

  • Automatically “geocode” addresses from Gravity Forms entries
  • Display entries on a single map
  • Configure info boxes with details about each listing
  • Have maps on single-entry pages
  • Set custom map marker icons, and even allow users to choose their own map marker icon!

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Lots of map configuration options

  • Map Layers (traffic, transit, bike path options)
  • Default/Minimum/Maximum Zoom
  • Zoom Control (none, small, let Google decide)
  • Draggable Map (on/off)
  • Double-click Zoom (on/off)
  • Scroll to Zoom (on/off)
  • Pan Control (on/off)
  • Street View (on/off)
  • Custom Map Styles (via

Note: Currently the map does not work with the DataTables Extension.