Gravity Forms Import Entries

Import entries from a CSV to Gravity Forms. GravityView not required.

Bulk import entries from a CSV file. The best way to mass import entries into Gravity Forms. GravityView not required.

Included with the GravityView Galactic License, but GravityView not required.

The best way to import CSV Gravity Forms entries

If you have a CSV file and need that data imported into Gravity Forms, you need this plugin. In three steps, you’ll have your CSV file imported into Gravity Forms as entries:

  1. Upload your file
  2. Map the CSV columns to Gravity Forms fields
  3. Press the import button!

The plugin features include:

  • Import Gravity Forms Entries Export files – Also import any CSV or TSV file
  • Conditional Logic – Filter the entries you import based on their values
  • Create Posts during import
  • Advanced validation – entries won’t get created if validation fails
  • Required field support – Only import entries that have your required field (or turn it off)
  • Download import errors to a CSV – One of the most frustrating parts of importing is when your import generates errors that need to be fixed. Someone typed in gmail and forgot the .com, for example. If your import has errors, you can download a CSV that includes only the rows with errors.
  • Update existing entries – If you want to bulk update entries, this is a great way to do it! Export your entries from Gravity Forms, change some items, then re-import them.
  • Works with User Registration Addon – Create or update users when used with the User Registration Addon
  • Import Excel files into Gravity Forms – just export your Excel as CSV, then import into Gravity Forms

Has support for most field types, including:

  • File Uploads – Supports single and multiple File Upload fields.
  • Post Fields, including Custom Fields and Post Image
  • Entry Notes – Add notes to imported entries, and even assign an user as the note creator
  • Products & Product Options
  • Payment details:
    • Transaction ID
    • Payment Date
    • Payment Amount
    • Payment Method
    • Fulfillment Status
    • Currency
  • List Fields (single and multiple column)
  • Calculation Fields
  • Date Fields
  • Time Fields
  • Address Fields
  • Quiz Addon Fields
  • Poll Addon Fields

Entry details are also supported:

  • User Agent
  • Source URL
  • User IP address
  • User Agent
  • Starred Entries
  • Entry Read status
  • Entry Status (trashed/active)
  • Created By (the ID of the user who created the entry)

Will renew yearly until cancelled.


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Support & Documentation

Gravity Forms Mass Import

The developer of Gravity Forms Mass Import recommends using this plugin; if you’re looking for the Mass Import plugin, you’re in the right place.

Refund Policy

Because of the nature of the Gravity Forms Entry Importer plugin (it’s extremely useful for short periods of time!), refunds will only be considered if issues with the importing process have prevented the import from functioning properly. Refunds will be provided at our discretion.

Will renew yearly until cancelled.

Not yet implemented:

The plugin does not currently support importing values generated by the following Gravity Forms Addons: Coupon Addon, Signature Addon, Survey Addon.