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My Pal Floaty

I recently spoke with Steve Burge on his PublishPress podcast about GravityView’s core values. I appreciated our talk and I feel now is an appropriate time to share more about Floaty.

Not everyone gets to have a mascot who is as enthusiastic about their product. We’re lucky that Floaty is a huge fan of GravityView.

In 2014, when Floaty wrote me a letter asking to be our mascot, we had a long talk. I wanted to make sure we would represent him properly. After our talk, I wrote down a few things about Floaty that ended up guiding our company’s value statements.

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WordPress Strong

GravityView is proud to share a project we’ve been working on: a music video called WordPress Strong.

The WordPress Strong music video features performances from 19 community members, including WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. It is a message of hope and camaraderie during these hard times.

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The 2019 Diversity Grant Winner!

Monique Dubbelman is the winner of the first GravityView Diversity Grant.

Monique Dubbelman

Congratulations, Monique!

Monique runs BOE!media, where she helps entrepreneurs define and execute their digital strategy.

Monique is a lecturer on digital media, and has presented at WordCamp London, WordCamp US, and most recently in WordCamp Europe. She also runs a local WordPress Meetup in the Netherlands and in 2018, she was one of the jurors for the first Automattic Design Award.

We are thrilled that Monique will be attending PressNomics, the premier conference for those that power the WordPress economy.

Thanks to all who applied for the grant.

About the GravityView Diversity Grant

The Diversity Grant was created in recognition of the extra challenges certain groups face in succeeding in technology fields. We believe in diversity and inclusivity in the WordPress community.

Learn more about the GravityView Diversity Grant.

GravityView 2019 Diversity Grant

Take your seat at the table.

A single event had a big impact on my success.

In 2015, I attended PressNomics 3. I had just launched GravityView, my first premium WordPress plugin. Before GravityView, I developed and released free plugins on, but had never sold any products. I wanted to learn more about being in the WordPress business space.

I was scared to attend: the conference included many leaders and influential people in WordPress whom I followed on Twitter and read about on websites like WP Tavern and Post Status.

That first year, I pushed through my fears by talking to people I admired. I met a ton of people. Their advice helped me grow GravityView. Since then, every PressNomics conference further cements our relationships; we are now colleagues that know and support each other in our work.

The connections I make at PressNomics are the most valuable of my career. I want to share that opportunity with others.

I am proud to sponsor a new attendee of PressNomics 6 in Tucson, Arizona in 2019.

Zack Katz

PS: Yes, the talks at PressNomics are excellent, too! :-)

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We have new license names!

Introducing our new plan names

Today, we’re changing our plan names to be clearer:

  • GravityView Core – Access to the GravityView plugin. Previously known as “Sol”.
  • Core + Extensions – GravityView Core, plus our Premium Extensions. Previously known as “Interstellar”.
  • All Access – Full access to all the plugins we make here at GravityView. Previously known as “Galactic”. Continue reading

GravityView 2.0 has arrived!

We’ve been working on GravityView 2.0 since December 2016, so we are super excited to finally share it with you! Our goal was simple: improve the core of GravityView.

The new plugin is powered by a brand-new engine that will serve us well for years to come. We won’t get too deep into the technical details in this post, but if you want to see what motivated the change, read more about the genesis of GravityView 2.0’s code here.

Reliability Comes First

When we made the big transition to 2.0, we wanted to make sure it went smoothly. How did we do that? By writing a lot of tests. Software testing can essentially be described as testing a statement like, “When GravityView does this thing, then that should happen.”

The previous release of GravityView had 1,808 tests. Version 2.0 has 3,369 tests, an 86% increase of tests. While tests don’t measure the quality of a plugin, they do reflect a commitment to making software stable and reliable. In sum, we’ve worked really hard to make 2.0 the most solid release possible.

What does that mean for you, the end user? Simply put, GravityView is now faster, more reliable, and more powerful.

New Features and Functionality

While the majority of the improvements in 2.0 are under-the-hood, there are quite a few new features.

The shortcode allows you to embed a GravityView Entry in a post, page, or in another View’s Custom Content field. Read this article for more information.

The Shortcode

The shortcode allows you to place any Field (from any Entry) anywhere you want via a shortcode.

There are many use cases for this shortcode, including outputting a link to edit or view a user profile, showing the approval status of the last submitted Entry, and thousands of others. You can read the full guide on our docs site.

Merge Tag Modifiers

3 New Merge Tag Modifiers

Gravity Forms uses a number of Merge Tags to allow you to dynamically populate submitted field values. To enhance Merge Tags, GravityView adds additional “modifiers” that allow you to format Merge Tags differently.

GravityView 2.0 adds 3 new Merge Tag Modifiers:

Check out this article on the topic for more information on using these Merge Tag modifiers. We’ve found them to be especially powerful in combination with DIY Layout!


Use oEmbed with Custom Content Fields

Want to embed YouTube videos, Tweets, images, and other media directly in your View? Now you can. Read more about oEmbed.

“Is Starred” Field

Entry Star

You can now display whether an Entry is starred in Gravity Forms via the Entry Star field. Additionally, you can now star/unstar it from the front end of your site (in a View). Previously, you could only do these tasks in the back end.

New Translations

World Flag

We’ve added Bosnian, Iranian, and Canadian (Québécois) French. We have also updated numerous other languages. Hvala, با تشکر, and Merci!

Read the full list of changes, new features, and technical details in our changelog.

Announcing a Partnership with WP Rocket

Here at GravityView, we’re all about supporting the WordPress community, especially other great plugins and developers. As such, we’re happy to announce a partnership with WP Rocket, one of the best caching plugins available. We use it personally on our own website, so we can attest to its awesomeness ourselves!

What is a caching plugin and why do you need one?

If you want your website to load quickly, a caching plugin is a must. In short, a caching plugin speeds up your website by saving frequently-accessed files in the visitor’s browser.

Instead of re-downloading all of the images, text, and other files every time a visitor navigates to your site, resources will simply be stored in their local browser cache. Additionally, caching plugins reduce the amount of times that your website needs to access its database in order to load content. These features (and numerous others) result in dramatically-improved load times.

Zoom zoom! This person holding a stopwatch represents WordPress speed improvements gained by caching.

Why do we recommend WP Rocket?

There are dozens of caching plugins available for WordPress—why do we recommend WP Rocket in particular?

To put it briefly: because it’s simply the best caching plugin available. WP Rocket has a good balance between power and accessibility. It’s incredibly powerful and we’ve seen it dramatically improve the load times of our own website. Yet it’s dead-simple to use and only takes a few clicks to set up.

Ultimately, we recommend WP Rocket because it works flawlessly with GravityView, and we are confident it will work well for your site.

What’s in store for 2018?

We have a huge year lined up for GravityView

At our team meeting in the beginning of the year, Rafael, Gennady, and I (Zack) looked at our roadmap for 2018, and agreed that:

  1. The roadmap was achievable
  2. When the 2018 roadmap is completed, GravityView will be more powerful and easier to use than ever
  3. We wanted to start working on it right away

First up on the roadmap was our most requested functionality: joining multiple forms. We actually started working on it in 2017, but now it’s possible in 2018 because we helped improve Gravity Forms itself.

We helped create The Next Generation of Gravity Forms search

The Next Generation of Gravity Forms search

One of the biggest feature requests we have for GravityView is to allow showing entries from multiple forms in one View. There was a problem, though: it wasn’t possible! The way that Gravity Forms searched entries wasn’t going to allow us to easily search multiple forms and filter the data in a way that would work for GravityView.

So we teamed up with Gravity Forms

In order to bring some of the exciting new features to GravityView, our core developer Gennady teamed up with Steve at Gravity Forms to completely rewrite how Gravity Forms performs searches. They did outstanding work, and the new search functionality will début soon in Gravity Forms 2.3.

This new search functionality will allow us to add powerful new functionality, including:

  • Displaying entries from multiple forms in one View
  • Grouping entries
  • Advanced filters that allow using both AND as well as OR statements

We’re planning on releasing these enhancements in 2018!


When WordPress 5.0 is released, it will feature a brand-new default editor, called “Gutenberg.” Gutenberg is a completely new approach to how you edit and preview content in WordPress. You can learn more about it here.

Gravity Forms is taking the lead by releasing their Gutenberg addon and we’ll be close behind! 
GravityView will fully support Gutenberg this year, and we are very excited about the possibility of deeply integrating with the new editor.

More video tutorials

Watching how something is done is one of the best ways to learn, so I’m planning on creating more video tutorials. I’ll start with a Getting Started video (that makes logical sense!).

And much, much more

We’ve got many features planned, and many things to do. I want to save some of the fun for the future, but I hope you’re as excited about what’s coming to GravityView as I am, and as we are as a team.

Announcing DIY Layout

We’re discounting new Galactic licenses by $50 to celebrate the release of DIY Layout! Good for one week only!

Apply discount code DIYLAYOUT (shown on checkout)

I was building a “Testimonials” View and I was getting frustrated by the limitations of the List layout. I didn’t want everything in a Custom Content field, so I created the DIY layout. DIY is for people who can code solutions, but don’t want to!

Zack Katz (me), GravityView creator

DIY Layout is like taking a Custom Content field…then adding a scoop of astronaut ice cream 🍨

In GravityView, the Custom Content field has so much power—but that power is hidden inside a single textarea. DIY Layout now adds the power of Custom Content fields to each field.

Choose the HTML tag that will wrap each field (or don’t use any!)

The default GravityView List layout provides a great starter template that works for most people, but what if you want to use different HTML structure? DIY Layouts makes it easy.

Before DIY, you would need to override the GravityView template files or add custom PHP code. That was no fun. Now, it’s a matter of a mouse click to change the container HTML tag.

DIY Layout settings

New field settings allow you to add custom HTML before or after field values

The new “Before Output” and “After Output” textareas allow you to add content before and after the field value. Without DIY, you would need to either use filters to modify the field output, or use a Custom Content field.

These field settings support shortcodes, including , as well as Merge Tags. It’s everything you love about Custom Content fields, and more.

DIY Layout is included with a GravityView Galactic license. Get Access to DIY Layout Today!

Why only designers and developers?

DIY layout doesn’t include any styles, so the View might not look how you want it out of the box and will likely need some tweaks. We recommend DIY to users with CSS experience.

Watch DIY Layout in action

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Are you a customer?

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If you have already renewed and you got an email saying you didn’t: sorry about that! Your renewed license is valid. You can check your GravityView Account Page page to verify.

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So what happened?

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