Version 1.17.2

“Did someone call an exterminator? There are a ton of squashed bugs in this release!” – Floaty the Astronaut Lots of good fixes in this update, which should result in slightly speedier and generally smoother experience for you, our dear users. We’re working on exciting new releases, so we’re going… Read more

Version 1.17 (it’s a big one!)

Version 1.17 includes over 244 changes, affecting more than 10,000 lines of code. There are tons of new features, and even more bug fixes. Here are a few highlights: Front-end entry notes for Gravity Forms You can now display, add, and delete entry notes from the front-end of your site.… Read more

DataTables Extension Version 2.0

WordPress DataTables

We love DataTables DataTables plus GravityView is super-cool because it allows you to live-search your Gravity Forms entries from the front of your site. We have improved our DataTables integration to take advantage of DataTables’ new Buttons extension. We improved integration with the Scroller extension, and fixed a bunch of… Read more

2015 in Review

A Great Year for GravityView 2015 was the first full year of sales for GravityView. Over the year, the plugin matured. We filled in missing gaps in functionality like table sorting and added powerful features like the shortcode. In 2015, GravityView had 35 update releases comprised of 1,096 code commits representing 222,008 changed lines of code. I’m proud of where GravityView is… Read more

Version 1.16

Laying the ground-work for a new View Builder Version 1.16 continues our progress toward having a better backend. We’re migrating older code to newer code so that we can support a brand-new View Builder interface. Building a View will become much faster and more powerful. We’ll be posting updates soon… Read more

Floaty’s Holiday Adventure ♬

Floaty loves the holidays Hello there! Why don’t you put on a fire, pour yourself a cup of hot astronaut cocoa (get Floaty’s recipe here) and listen to an instant holiday classic – “Floaty Loves the Holidays”: The GravityView Team (in order of appearance): Julie in France Juniper in Denver, USA Pica the… Read more

Version 1.15.2

Mint is fresh. So is version 1.15.2!

This release is minty-fresh! Version 1.15.2 fixes issues where drop-down, radio, and checkbox field searches were not being matched exactly. “Urology” shouldn’t return a match for “Neurology“! Gravity Forms made a change to their Entries table layout which caused some strange display behavior with GravityView. We’ve fixed this issue. Version… Read more

Version 1.15.1 Released

With Version 1.15.1, we’re adding a cool new feature: you can pass URL arguments to the GravityView shortcode using the {get} Merge Tag. That means you can do this: [gravityview id=”{get:view_id}” /] And then in your URL, pass the View ID you want to show, like so: The shortcode… Read more

Version 1.15 introduces capabilities

We’ve been working on Version 1.15 for weeks. It includes some major new functionality and we’re pleased as punch to share it with you all. Capability Management Manage what users and roles have access to GravityView functionality. See all the capabilities that are available. It works great with the Members… Read more