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Case Study: Building a Member Management System Using GravityView

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Written by Casey Burridge

How to Style the Buttons on GravityView’s Edit Entry Page

styling the buttons on the edit entry page

GravityView’s Edit Entry page contains three buttons – “Update”, “Cancel” and “Delete”. We’ve added common CSS classes to the buttons to try and enforce consistent theme styling, but with some themes, like Divi for example, the buttons show up as plain HTML.  This can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying… Read more

Written by Casey Burridge

Gravity Forms AJAX Submit: All You Need to Know

Gravity Forms AJAX Submit feature image showing a cloud with up and down arrows

Did you know that Gravity Forms supports AJAX? Enabling AJAX means that your forms no longer require a page reload to validate and submit entries. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Gravity Forms AJAX submissions.

Written by Casey Burridge

How to Create an Advanced Quote Calculator Using GravityView and Math for Gravity Forms

Creating an advanced gravity forms quote calculator

Do you want to build a Gravity Forms quote calculator for your WordPress site? Using GravityView and Math you can build an advanced quote calculator that will also allow you to receive orders directly through your website. GravityView extends Gravity Forms, allowing you to view form entries on the front… Read more

Written by Casey Burridge

How to Update an Existing Entry in Gravity Forms

Edit an existing entry in Gravity Forms

Let’s face it. At some point, we’re all faced with repetitive, boring tasks that just have to be done. For many people, updating existing entries in Gravity Forms is one of these tasks. Updating form entries in Gravity Forms isn’t difficult, but it often requires time and effort that’s better… Read more

Written by Casey Burridge

Tutorial: How to Create an Online Marketplace Using GravityView

Creating an online marketplace with GravityView

When it comes to GravityView, there are endless opportunities for creativity and innovation.  Websites that would usually require a team of developers and cost thousands of dollars to build can be launched by one individual within weeks if not days.  In this article, we’re going to explore how you can… Read more

Written by Casey Burridge

Three New Releases Including GravityView 2.10.2!

GravityView three new releases featured image

March was a busy month at GravityView and things haven’t slowed down at all in April! In fact, this week we released updates to three of our plugins – GravityView Core, Advanced Filtering, and Inline Edit. We’re committed to improving all of our plugins and providing a top-notch user experience… Read more

Written by Casey Burridge

How to Embed a Gravity Form in Divi: The Ultimate Guide

how to embed a Gravity Form in Divi

Does your website use the popular Divi theme? Are you wondering how to embed a Gravity Form in Divi? In this post, we’ll explore how Divi and Gravity Forms work together by showing you two ways to embed Gravity Forms into your Divi pages or posts.  Psssst… Make sure you… Read more

Written by Casey Burridge

Exporting Gravity Forms Data to Excel: Everything You Need to Know

Gravity Forms Excel

For those who haven’t heard the good news – GravityView recently took over maintaining the GF Entries in Excel plugin! This plugin gives Gravity Forms users a simple and elegant way to export their data into Excel. The simple solution offered by GF Entries in Excel appeals to people who… Read more

Written by Casey Burridge

Gravity Forms Entries in Excel, Brought to You By GravityView!

GF Entries in Excel

We’re excited to announce that GravityView is now the proud home of the popular GF Entries in Excel plugin! This plugin provides users with a helpful way to export their Gravity Forms data into Excel, and we are so proud to be the ones to offer it. While GravityView makes… Read more

Written by Casey Burridge

Introducing Inline Edit 1.4

Gravity Forms Edit Entry Data Inline

March was a busy month here at GravityView! We’ve been working really hard behind the scenes fixing bugs, adding new features, and refreshing the user experience. April’s shaping up to be just as big—we’re starting it off with a great update to one of our most-loved plugins. Today we’re excited… Read more