Embed video from Gravity forms

How to Embed Videos Uploaded to Gravity Forms

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7️⃣ Years of GravityView! 🎊

Celebrating 7 years of GravityView

We can hardly believe it but on July 24th, GravityView turned 7 years old! Back in 2014, after months of hard work, GravityView was released to the world. To celebrate this special achievement, we’re having a sale! For the next week, buy our GravityView bundles at up to 30% off!… Read more

Preventing Gravity Forms Spam in 2021

How to stop Gravity Forms spam

If there’s one thing that almost every website owner has encountered at some point in their life it’s contact form spam! Like any contact form plugin for WordPress, Gravity Forms is prone to spam submissions. The web is filled with bots that scour the internet looking for forms to submit.… Read more

New Release: GravityView 2.11

New release: GravityView 2.11

We’re pleased to announce the release of GravityView 2.11! This release has improved support for the Gravity Forms Survey Add-On, lots of “quality-of-life” improvements, and a we’ve squashed a few bugs too :-) Improved display of Gravity Forms Survey fields If you use the Gravity Forms Survey Add-On, we think… Read more

Gravity Forms: How to Import Users

How to import users into Gravity Forms

Instead of spending hours manually migrating your users, automate the process with Import Entries. The Import Entries plugin by GravityView allows you to import users from a CSV file into Gravity Forms. Simply install the plugin, follow the import guide and you’re done! In this post, we’ll look at the… Read more

How to Build a Gravity Forms ROI Calculator

How to build a Gravity Forms ROI calculator

Gravity Forms is more than just a form plugin. It’s a powerful way to collect, process, and output information on your WordPress website. In fact, by making use of advanced features, you can turn your forms into powerful calculators. There are endless ways to leverage Gravity Forms calculations on your… Read more

Gravity Forms: Exporting Entries to PDF

The Gravity Forms logo next to the PDF symbol

So you want to take your Gravity Forms submissions and export them to custom PDF files?  In this post, we’ll show you three ways to turn your Gravity Forms entries into PDFs, with zero technical knowledge required.  We’ll start by showing how to generate PDFs using the Gravity PDF plugin,… Read more