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What is GravityView?

Welcome, How I Built It listeners! We’re glad to have you. If you’re on this page, you probably heard our sponsor message on the podcast and are curious about our plugin. Put simply, GravityView lets you display and modify your Gravity Forms entries on the front end of your WordPress website. Want to jump right in and try it out yourself? Go ahead – click the demo button below.

Gravity Forms

The Essential Add-on for Gravity Forms

If you use forms on your WordPress website, you’re probably familiar with the Gravity Forms form plugin. Gravity Forms lets you create forms and view their submitted data on the back end of your website. Gravity Forms is popularly known as the best form plugin for WordPress – don’t take our word for it!

Save Valuable Development Time


But, what if you want to do more than just view this submitted data? What if you need a customized solution for your particular client? Of course, if you’re a developer, you can probably build whatever you need by yourself. But why spend all that development time building (and maintaining!) a custom solution? That’s where we come in.

  • Spend far less time customizing GravityView than rolling your own
  • We provide excellent support for your clients
  • Your clients can update the layout themselves
  • You’re off the hook for any bugs

Drag-and-Drop Your Way to Powerful Applications

GravityView allows you to build a variety of powerful, flexible applications. No matter what your clients need, our plugin can help you build it.

  • Our drag-and-drop UI allows for easy, code-free customization. If your clients aren’t technical, it’s no problem. Using GravityView requires zero technical or programming knowledge.
  • Building a paid directory for your clients? Not a problem. Simply use a payment add-on for Gravity Forms and customize your GravityView view.
  • Customize search parameters as much as you want. Include which fields are displayed, what dates are included, and more.
  • Add any type of file or data that you like. Images, audio, video, text – we’ve got you covered.
  • A variety of layouts and designs to fit your particular client’s needs. Need to display entries on a map? Or in a listing directory? We have a layout for it.
  • Easily import and export CSV files into Gravity Forms and GravityView with our Import Entries add-on.
  • Deep integration with the Gravity Forms ecosystem. Our plugin works incredibly well with Gravity Flow, Gravity PDF, GFChart, and similar plugins.
  • Plus dozens of other features! Check out the full list.

  • Top-notch support from our developer team. GravityView is owned-and-operated by developers just like you. We understand the needs of WordPress developers because we are WordPress developers.  If you have any specific technical questions or need help implementing a custom feature, we’re here to help.
  • One plugin for all your clients. With our Galactic Plan, you can use GravityView on up to 100 sites.
  • Creating a ratings or reviews system for your client? Easily allow users to rate entries with stars or up/down votes.
  • Tons of developer hooks and full integration with DataTables. GravityView is 100% customizable – use CSS to design and use your own layouts.
  • Users can edit their own submitted entries directly, without having to ask you first. You can focus on expanding your business and getting new clients – not on data entry.
  • Available in over 12 languages: English, Turkish, Bengali, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, Bosnian, Iranian, Canadian French, and Romanian. No matter where your clients are located, they can use GravityView in their native language.

Trusted by Developers Like You

GravityView is used and trusted by freelancers and developers around the world. Plus, some of the biggest names in the WordPress community use our plugin, including Gravity Forms, Pippins Plugins, AffiliateWP, and more.

Naomi C Bush, developer of Gravity Forms add-ons

The essential add-on for Gravity Forms. Put your form builder to work. It’s very efficient. It’s something your clients will love you for.
Naomi C. Bush, Gravity+

Joel Rendall

GravityView is the missing puzzle piece I have been searching for to accomplish many ideas I have had for my clients’ websites. Instead of hiring a programmer or seeking out other complicated (and more expensive) plugins, all it takes is Gravity Forms + GravityView + a bit of imagination, and I’ve got a powerful solution that makes me look like a genius! Thanks Zack and the GV team!
Joel Rendall, Joel Rendall Web Design

Questions? Concerns?

Not sure if you can build a particular application with GravityView? Looking for a specific feature? Get in touch on our contact page.