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Cyber Monday: GravityView

GravityView is a page builder for Gravity Forms entries. No code required. Drag and drop.

The best way to display Gravity Forms entries. Search, sort, filter, and edit.

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Gravity Forms Calendar 25% Off

The Gravity Forms Calendar plugin is a must-have if you need to display Gravity Forms entries on a calendar. The plugin is the perfect combination of simple and powerful.

Import Entries 25% Off

The best way to import CSVs into Gravity Forms and migrate your form entries.

Wednesday: Inline Edit

Edit entry values 340% faster. Make changes to your Gravity Forms entries while saving a bunch of clicks and time.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we will not be having any flash sales on November 28th. Enjoy your day, and "gobble, gobble!"

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GravityView cares.

For every purchase during the Giving Season sale, we will donate $5 dollars, one dollar to each cause:

  1. 👩🏽‍💻 Teach code to women and minorities
  2. 🌲 Plant a tree
  3. 🌳 Save the rainforest
  4. 🐶 Help rescue animals
  5. 🏠 Build homes for people with low income

GravityView is committed to giving back to the world through being kind, creating quality products, and by supporting charities.

If you have any questions about GravityView, this sale, our charitable giving, or anything else, please let us know.

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