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Gravity Forms Calendar

Gravity Forms Calendar

Display your form entries in a flexible calendar.

  • Will renew yearly until cancelled.

  • Will renew yearly until cancelled.

  • Will renew yearly until cancelled.

A simple, powerful calendar for Gravity Forms 📅

Want an easy way to display Gravity Forms entries in a calendar? You will love our Calendar integration.

In minutes, your form entries will show on an attractive calendar embedded on a page or in a sidebar widget. You will be able to click on events to see more details about them, or have the events link directly to another page.

  • Display Gravity Forms entries on a calendar with multiple layouts
  • Pre-filter events shown based on search criteria
  • Edit event duration and dates from the calendar

Embed your calendar in minutes ⏱️

When you install the Calendar plugin, you will select the Gravity Forms form you wish to use as a source for the calendar entries date, choose which fields are sources for the calendar events, and then choose a calendar layout. That’s it: your calendar is ready to embed in a post or page or in a WordPress widget.

  • Embed as a shortcode
  • Includes a Gutenberg block
  • Display in your site’s sidebar as a widget

Deeply integrated with Gravity Forms.

We’ve been developing Gravity Forms integrations for longer than anyone else. We know Gravity Forms inside and out, and it shows in our plugins.

Have any questions? Let us know!

  • Will renew yearly until cancelled.

  • Will renew yearly until cancelled.

  • Will renew yearly until cancelled.

Note: The Gravity Forms plugin is required. GravityView is not required.

Calendar Features

Choose your layout

Calendar displays entry events in four different layouts: Month, Week, Day, and Agenda.

You can configure the toolbar options that are shown in the calendar.

Edit events directly in the calendar

Quickly modify event dates and times using drag-and-drop. Need to modify your vacation schedule? Drag the event handle and add an extra couple of days :-)

You get our excellent support

GravityView’s support team is here to make sure you have a great experience with Calendar. We have two dedicated support team members who are ready to help with any questions you have.

👩‍💻 Do you write code? This plugin’s got hooks.

We know hooks are vital. The plugin is full of actions and filters that make it easy for you to customize all aspects of the output.

Even better? Gravity Forms Calendar is built on top of the excellent FullCalendar script.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an appointment booking calendar?

No, our Calendar plugin is not able to perform as a Gravity Forms booking calendar. If that’s what you’re looking for, please check out gAppointments.

Is this the same as Gravity Forms jQuery fullCalendar?

No, this plugin is developed by GravityView, the well-known and highly regarded developers of GravityView.