Advanced Filtering

Have total control over which entries are displayed in a View.

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The GravityView Advanced Filtering extension allows you to control what entries are displayed in a View based on the value of form entries, like “Conditional Logic” in Gravity Forms!

1. Exclude entries that match (or fail to match) certain criteria

The Advanced Filter allows you to filter entries using multiple conditions (you can use both ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ logic). Add as many filters and conditions as you need.

advanced filter condition

2. Show only the entries created by the logged-in user

Display user profiles for your directory or membership site, create an “edit profile” link, hide entries created by certain users and more!

The personal profile of the currently logged-in user

3. Filter entries by user or user role

Show only entries created by a specific user or users, filter entries by user role, or display entries assigned to a specific user.

Entries in a DataTable that have all been assigned to the same user

4. Show only those entries submitted within the last month, week or day

Filter your entries using exact date ranges or relative dates.

Setting date conditions using the Advanced Filter

The possibilities are endless!

  • Display entries that match a search value
  • Show entries based on approval status
  • Filter entries based on the URL values passed to the current page

Conditionally show or hide field values in GravityView

The Advanced Filtering extension also allows you to conditionally show/hide individual field values inside a View. Learn more about field conditional logic in GravityView.

GravityView field conditional logic

Learn more about this powerful extension

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