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Case Study: Building a Member Management System Using GravityView

Person on a laptop with an overlay that says Case Study - Bet Hannon Business Websites

Bet Hannon is the Founder and CEO of Bet Hannon Business Websites, a full-service WordPress agency offering design, development, and content management services, including help with website accessibility.  Bet has over a decade of experience helping small businesses and non-profit organizations reach their maximum potential online. Back in 2019, we… Read more

Gravity Forms AJAX Submit: All You Need to Know

Gravity Forms AJAX Submit feature image showing a cloud with up and down arrows

Did you know that Gravity Forms supports AJAX? Enabling AJAX means that your forms no longer require a page reload to validate and submit entries. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Gravity Forms AJAX submissions.

Gravity Forms Image Upload Plugins—A Review of File Uploaders

Gravity Forms Image Upload Comparison

GravityView lets you display all kinds of data collected with Gravity Forms. In this article, we will look at the different Gravity Forms image uploaders and the features they offer, including image upload resizing and image upload previewing. Slim Image Cropper is no longer being developed. First, let’s address a… Read more

Introducing Gravity.Guide 🚀

Deeply Learn Gravity Forms Add-ons with Free Courses

We’re happy to announce, a new website dedicated to being the best Gravity Forms course site. Finding high-quality Gravity Forms tutorials can be hard. Finding courses for Gravity Forms add-ons is even harder—until Oh, and all courses on Gravity Guide are 100% free. Enroll in a course… Read more

The Gravity Forms Universe

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the most powerful plugins out there for WordPress users. And GravityView is one of many awesome plugins that build upon it. In this post, we’ll look at some of the other awesome plugins in the Gravity Forms universe. Gravity Wiz / Gravity Perks Gravity Wiz… Read more

Exact-match search for Gravity Forms Multiselect and List fields

This is the state of Kansas in the US. A bit meta, but apparently, I'm in a meta mood.

A GravityView customer had a form on his site containing a Multiselect field of all the US states. The problem was that their search results for the state “Kansas” were also matching the state “Arkansas“. This wasn’t good. If the field were an Address field, it would have been easy,… Read more

We’re fully ready for Gravity Forms 2.3

As of Version 1.22, GravityView is fully ready for Gravity Forms 2.3, which is getting very close to launch. Gravity Forms 2.3 makes important improvements with how entries are stored. These improvements will allow GravityView to do amazing new things, including showing entries from multiple forms in one View, even… Read more