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What’s the deal with GravityView?

Gravity Forms is amazing, but it’s missing a few features:

1. Display Gravity Forms entries on your site with no code

GravityView is the best choice for displaying entries on your site.

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Our Gravity Forms Import Entries plugin is by far the easiest and most powerful way to import a CSV into Gravity Forms!

3. Allow users to edit their own entries

GravityView and Inline Edit make editing entries easy. Entry Revisions allows admins to see the changes that have been made over time.

GravityView plugins do that! ☝️

Gravity Forms Certified Developer badge.

GravityView is proud to be one of a handful of Gravity Forms Certified Developers.

We make great products and provide excellent support, and we’ve been doing it since 2014.

GravityView started because Zack was in a familiar position:

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