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GravityView 2019 Diversity Grant

Written by Zack Katz

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Take your seat at the table.

A single event had a big impact on my success.

In 2015, I attended PressNomics 3. I had just launched GravityView, my first premium WordPress plugin. Before GravityView, I developed and released free plugins on WordPress.org, but had never sold any products. I wanted to learn more about being in the WordPress business space.

I was scared to attend: the conference included many leaders and influential people in WordPress whom I followed on Twitter and read about on websites like WP Tavern and Post Status.

That first year, I pushed through my fears by talking to people I admired. I met a ton of people. Their advice helped me grow GravityView. Since then, every PressNomics conference further cements our relationships; we are now colleagues that know and support each other in our work.

The connections I make at PressNomics are the most valuable of my career. I want to share that opportunity with others.

I am proud to sponsor a new attendee of PressNomics 6 in Tucson, Arizona in 2019.

Zack Katz

PS: Yes, the talks at PressNomics are excellent, too! :-)

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